Roof tent unboxing - An OutdoorU roof tent is unpacked and assembled

Dachzelt Unboxing - Ein OutdoorU Dachzelt wird ausgepackt und montiert

Hello adventure lovers,

we would like to draw your attention to an exciting video. What's special about it? It is not only unpacked, but also installed directly. The thoughtful construction is revealed during the unboxing. Each assembly step is shown, the simple attachment to the car roof is particularly impressive.

The OutdoorU roof tents offer space for up to four people - the 190 versions also for your dog ;-) - with windows for great views and optimal ventilation. Robust seams, hard-wearing material and reliable zippers are evidence of quality.

The video is a great resource for outdoor enthusiasts. You can experience the exciting unboxing and assembly below: Let yourself be inspired for your next adventure with the OutdoorU roof tent!

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