Kondenswasser im Dachzelt: Das natürliche Phänomen erklärt

Condensation in the roof tent: The natural phenomenon explained

Condensation - a term that is familiar to many roof tent owners. If you wake up in the morning in your roof tent and notice droplets of water on the inner walls or frame, you don't need to worry. T...

DachzelteDachzelt Unboxing - Ein OutdoorU Dachzelt wird ausgepackt und montiert

Roof tent unboxing - An OutdoorU roof tent is unpacked and assembled

We would like to draw your attention to an exciting video. What's special about it? It is not only unpacked, but also installed directly. The thoughtful construction is revealed during the unboxing...

DachzelteDachzelt Dachlast Dachträger von OutdoorU

How to roof tent: Correct roof load and suitable roof racks

If you want to attach a roof tent to your car, there are two particularly important factors to find out: the maximum roof load capacity of your car and the possibility of attachment. 

DachzelteHartschalenzelt oder Textilzelt?

Hard shell tent or textile tent?

As outdoor enthusiasts, we know that choosing the right tent is vital to the success of your camping trip. A question that often arises when choosing a tent is the choice between a hard shell ten...

DachzelteRegen und Sturm im Dachzelt - was solltest Du beachten?

Rain and storms in the roof tent - what should you consider?

If You If you want to spend the night in a roof tent in rain and storms, you should consider the following

AutarkWildcampen mit dem Dachzelt?! Regeln, Tipps & Alternativen für einen wunderbaren Campingurlaub

Wild camping with the roof tent?! Rules, tips & alternatives for a wonderful camping holiday

If you love adventure but also need some flexibility and relaxation, then the rooftop tent offers you a great option for your camping holiday. With the roof tent, you can freely decide where to go ...