Customer report about our roof tent Expedition

Kundenbericht über unser Dachzelt Expedition

In his blog (See you on the outside), Stefan reports on the decision to buy a roof tent for his VW Caddy after the DIY camping extension was no longer sufficient for the growing family. He chooses the OutdoorU Expedition Rooftop Tent and shares his experience of buying, assembling and setting up the tent.

Despite some challenges in attaching it to the Caddy's narrow roof bars, the tent was successfully installed. Stefan also describes the inside of the tent, including the mattress, windows, ventilation inlets and the handy inner pockets. He emphasizes the quality of the material and mentions the flysheet that comes with it, as well as the ventilated shoe bag. Finally, he reports that the construction has become faster and easier over time.

Thank you Stefan for this wonderful contribution!

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