Assemble the roof tent

Dachzelt montieren

The exact method of mounting a rooftop tent depends on the type of tent and the vehicle it is to be mounted on. However, in general it is important to ensure that the vehicle is suitable for the weight and size of the tent and that it has the necessary attachment points.

First, you'll need to install and secure the vehicle's roof bars if you haven't already done so. You then need to position and secure the tent to the roof of the vehicle, either with clips or screws depending on the design of the tent. We supply a mounting kit with our roof tents! Our roof tents are attached with four clamps, which can be variably pushed onto the cross rail and thus screwed on perfectly to the requirements.

We recommend at least two people to carry out the assembly!

It can also be helpful to read a manufacturer's guide or manual to ensure the tent is assembled correctly. If you are unsure how the tent should be assembled, we recommend that you contact the manufacturer or specialist retailer directly. The OutdoorU team is also very happy to answer any questions you may have.

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