Roof tent 4 people: tips for a camping holiday with the family

Dachzelt 4 Personen: Tipps für einen Campingurlaub mit der Familie

Roof tents for four people

Rooftop tents are the perfect choice for a relaxing yet adventurous family vacation. You are not tied to one place, you can go to any campsite and still be comfortably accommodated. In the evening you can make yourself really comfortable with camping furniture, a camping kitchen and maybe a nice game of cards in front of the roof tent.

The right roof tent

Are you looking for a suitable roof tent for a carefree family holiday? With a roof tent for 4 people you are well equipped, because the models guarantee enough space for every family member and are compatible with every vehicle model - whether Mercedes, BMW or a Jeep. But not only the flexibility is convincing, but also the comfort that a roof tent offers. With an integrated mattress, suitable accessories and enough space to relax, there is something for everyone.

What to look out for?

Roof tent size

For a couple or a small group, a small tent will do. These tents usually have an area of ​​3 to 6 square meters and are often suitable for 2 to 4 people. If you are going camping with 5 or more people, you should choose a larger tent. Roof top tents for families come in different sizes. Since these tents are about 1.3 meters high, you can move comfortably inside. When choosing the size of the tent, you should also keep in mind that you will need additional space to stow gear and luggage - especially with kids!

ventilation and air vents

For families who like to camp outside, a roof tent offers many advantages. It is easy to transport and install and it protects you from wind and weather. But one of the most important things when camping is ventilation. A rooftop tent can be poorly ventilated, which can lead to uncomfortable situations.
Fortunately, there are solutions to this: the way to properly ventilate a tent is by adding vents or vents. They allow fresh air to enter the interior of the tent and ventilate the room. It is also very important for optimal drying!

mosquito nets

Most rooftop tents come with zippered windows and door openings. But mosquito nets are an essential element and you should make sure that the roof tent has mosquito protection! At the window and the door!

awning / porch

Would you like to take the swimming ring with you into the roof tent? No! With an additional awning, you can create additional storage space for a cool box , battery , swimming ring or your dog's new favorite spot.


We know camping holidays with children & dogs! We know the demands on a roof tent for the family. Have a look at our two models Family and Family Plus:


Our family roof tent is aimed at nature-loving families who prefer to be outside together from long weekends to summer holidays. In addition to experiencing nature, just climbing up provides an extra portion of adventure and cannot be compared to a hotel holiday. The entrances are extra safe and the interior offers space for up to four people.


Our Family Plus roof tent is the perfect travel companion for anyone who appreciates comfort but finds a holiday apartment or hotel too rigid and boring. In the extra-large roof tent Family Plus there is space for the whole family and in the weatherproof awning there is also space for inflatable water animals or sports equipment. With a length of 310cm it fits on every car. The uncomplicated assembly creates an immediate holiday mood and the stable construction will withstand many generations.

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