Wild camping with the roof tent?! Rules, tips & alternatives for a wonderful camping holiday

Wildcampen mit dem Dachzelt?! Regeln, Tipps & Alternativen für einen wunderbaren Campingurlaub


  • Camping holidays close to nature with the roof tent
  • Wild camping in Germany: What you have to consider
  • Alternative: pitches, trekking sites & Co.

Nature vacation with the roof tent

If you love adventure but also need some flexibility and relaxation, then the rooftop tent offers you a great option for your camping holiday. With the roof tent, you can freely decide where to go and when to take a break. Unfortunately, the classic campsites are often overcrowded, especially in the high season. This tempts some campers to go wild camping.

Wild camping in Germany: What you have to consider

Wild camping is generally prohibited in Germany, and sleeping in the car is also one of them. However, there are exceptions, such as parking on private property with the owner's permission or parking on the side of the road to "recover the ability to drive". It's important to learn about each state's laws and regulations beforehand, as they can vary. However, camping in nature reserves is always prohibited.

Alternative: pitches, trekking sites & Co.

Even if wild camping in Germany is only possible to a limited extent, there are still alternatives to the overcrowded campsites. This includes pitches, trekking sites and the like. These offer not only a safer place to stay, but also a better infrastructure, such as sanitary facilities and power supply. With prior research or booking you can ensure that you find a suitable place for your needs.


With a roof tent you have the opportunity to experience a natural and adventurous camping holiday. It is important to find out about the rules and laws for wild camping in Germany in advance in order to avoid penalties. Alternatively there is :-)

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